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Building Intentional Community

Mission Statement:
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit homeschool co-operative focusing on families who want to invest in our children's educational, social, and emotional growth.  We are fully inclusive of all families. As a secular group, we promote no religion. Our classes are based on student interests, and we value experience-based learning, multi-age group settings, and gentle, respectful parenting.  We are building a long-term intentional community for our families, based on the above principles, and we welcome those who are committed to growing with us in this endeavor.

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Our community

The North Charlotte Secular Homeschool Community is excited to build a large, active, and diverse community of secular homeschooling families from around the Charlotte, NC geographical area. We are constantly growing and evolving to provide information about and access to secular groups, activities, events, and resources. The North Charlotte Secular Homeschool Community is passionate about innovative education through secular materials.  We strive to connect the local secular homeschool community through both academic and social means.  Secular is defined as "not connected with religious or spiritual matters" or "denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis." Based on this definition and our mission statement to be fully inclusive, the North Charlotte Secular Homeschool Community will not promote or affiliate with any business, group, event, activity, etc that is based on or refers to any religion.

In our private Facebook group, we plan events, field trips, play dates, and other social opportunities.  We do trampoline parks, hikes, Nerf wars, park days, splash pads, trips to Imaginon on the Light Rail, and library meet ups.  People post about classes, opportunities, travel groups, tours and board game days.  There is almost always something going on!  Come join us!


Want to advertise your business with us?

We accept a limited number of local businesses that pertain to homeschooling.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us by emailing.  


Charlotte, NC, USA

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